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We help crime victims and families in search of answers and hope.




​Our mission is to provide management of investigative services for crime victims and their families who are searching for answers, resolution, and closure at no cost.

What is the National Institute for Law & Justice?

The National Institute for Law and Justice (NILJ) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in Nevada, USA by Mark Pucci, retired NYPD Detective & Chief Investigator for New York Private Detective Services (New York) & Guardian Angel Investigations (Nevada). As a detective with more than 25 years experience, Mark has seen countless families struggle to be able to afford additional investigative services while searching for missing loved ones and answers in homicide cases.

With this in mind, he brought together a national network of retired and active law enforcement agents, forensics specialists, search and rescue professionals, and non-traditional investigative specialists who, through the nonprofit, help families find answers at no cost. Our goal is to raise enough money to cover all costs for families. We work in conjunction with law enforcement as well as families.

Currently, NILJ works on the following types of cases:


Founder & CEO, Mark Pucci, set out to create an organization that allows victims, their families, and loved ones the ability to present their individual cases for expert review. And with the help of generous donors and grants, seamlessly bridge all financial gaps which might have otherwise existed. Families and victims will to have their case professionally investigated with the sole purpose of discovering the truth, delivering justice, and ultimately providing closure to all those involved and affected.


After a family or victim reaches out for help, their message is reviewed by Mark and the team in order to understand how we can best help. After reviewing the case, someone from our team will reach out to them to discuss next steps.

Mark Pucci utilizes his experience as a highly-decorated detective and acts as the top tier manager of cases that come in to NILJ. When needed, he contracts his network of current and retired investigators, forensic specialists, ground search teams, canine search teams, air search, nontraditional investigative specialists, and dive teams to help solve cases.

Not only do we focus on helping to find loved ones and answers, but we strive to help family members begin to heal from the trauma inflicted by the loss of a loved one.

Specifically, in cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women and children, we honor traditions, practices and ceremonies specific to each tribal nation. We also work with traditional Indigenous sciences practitioners during and after investigations in order to help promote healing.

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