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Upcoming Book - "Undercover Medium" - Forward written by retired NYPD Detective, & NYPDS founder

UNDERCOVER MEDIUM DESCRIPTION Most memoirs about intuition are written by professional psychic mediums. Kiersten Hathcock is not a professional, and never wanted to be one. In fact, she’s a Shark Tank-winning entrepreneur with an internationally known furniture company. She was simply living her life when kids in spirit starting sharing messages with her. Her book chronicles her late-in-life intuitive awakening as a reluctant, undercover medium who volunteers her time helping law enforcement officers solve cases. Little did she know, by embracing her intuitive side, she would go on to uncover secrets from her past that explained why the kids were coming to her. Those same kids would go on to help her survive and escape an abusive relationship, guide her to healing, and back to her soul mate. Her true story is one that resonates with believers and non-believers alike who are looking for proof that intuition is real as well as countless domestic abuse survivors who are looking to climb out of the darkness.

Forward by retired NYPD Detective, Mark Pucci

"Spending most of my adult life as a detective, private investigator, or investigation supervisor, both in public service as a Detective in the NYPD and in the private sector working cases nationwide, I unconsciously developed a sixth sense, or implicit intuition, for reading people and uncovering the truth. While most police detectives and professional investigators I know and have worked with will not openly speak admit using their intuition to solve cases, it’s succinctly presumed by all that following our gut-feelings often makes the difference in discovering hidden evidence to solve a case, or in certain extreme circumstances, may even prove to be the decision that will inevitably save your life or that of your partner.

I strongly believe that developing the ability to listen, understand, trust, and then follow my intuition has definitively made me a better detective, and quite possibly resulted in many of my greatest successes and accomplishments as a police detective, and more recently as a private investigator. Thinking back to before we had the opportunity to speak on the phone, I remember asking myself, “What is this furniture company CEO from Arizona doing volunteering to assist on a high-profile missing persons case in Long Island, New York?” That being said, when I finally had the chance to speak to Kiersten on the phone for the first time, my intuition kicked into full gear. Much to my surprise, not long into our conversation, I realized that she was unlike any other intuitive medium I had spoken to through the years. She explained to me that she recently discovered that she possessed certain abilities that might assist investigators in finding missing persons, and that she was simply looking to volunteer her time because she cared. I eventually came to understand, as time went on, and I got to know Kiersten personally, that she had truly been given a gift for helping others in this way . . . especially kids. More precisely, what I love about Kiersten, as is illustrated in her book, is that she’s just a regular person thrown into supernatural experiences that unbeknownst to her at that time, had meaning far beyond what she could see. The belief in what we can’t see, especially as a detective looking for quantifiable, tangible evidence, is extremely difficult. However, Kiersten makes it easy to believe. In her moving story and journey, we can see that she is just like most of us; she is extremely logical and fact driven. The most amazing part of her journey is that she wasn’t looking for any of what has happened to her . . . it simply found her. Thankfully, in writing this book, Kiersten was brave enough to share her undercover life as a reluctant medium, and her amazing journey of survival and healing from abuse. After reading her book, I hope you find the same strength and fearlessness, and you learn to trust your own intuition. What Kiersten reveals to all of us is a hands-on roadmap for life, and as it has proven to be in my personal experience, for truth and justice as well." Mark Pucci NYPD Detective (ret.) Founder / Chief Investigator New York Private Detective Services


​In 1991, the year I graduated from high school, I wrote a research paper on the Amityville Horror murder case. Everyone else in my class penned papers about sports, the rise of feminism, and the wage gap. Not me—I wrote about paranormal events in a house in Amityville, New York. I don’t remember what grade I received on that paper, but I do know I wrote it twenty-two years before I began volunteering as an undercover medium with Mark Pucci and other detectives around the country. Who knew my seventeen-year-old self subconsciously grasped what was to come when I turned thirty-six? Mediumship was not something I aspired to do, despite my interest in the Amityville story, but the Universe had other plans. For someone who’s wired to trust scientific proof rather than faith, becoming a late-in-life medium was a difficult journey. I was just a normal person living a normal life. Like most folks who aren’t raised to believe in the unseen, I couldn’t wrap my head around why, in the middle of my life, I was suddenly able to talk to kids in spirit. And I couldn’t see how they would eventually step in to help me as much as I was helping them. There was a reason they were coming to me. My inner child knew why, even if I didn’t. My journey to trust the small voice inside of me, and the small voices outside of me, has been life changing. Not only did I learn to honor my intuition, but because of it, I survived and eventually escaped the cycle of abuse. I am #metoo…well, too. I just didn’t realize it until I was forty. Now, at the ripe old age of 46, I’m on the other side of the pain, the fear, and the uncertainty. Wait, I take that back. I am confident that as much I’ve learned as an undercover medium, I certainly don’t have all of the answers to why we are here, and why we endure what we do, but I’m certain there is a plan for our lives that’s much bigger than we can see. My hope is that, after reading this book, you’ll not only develop more faith in your own intuition, but, if you’re an abuse survivor, you’ll also see a way out of the darkness. Intuition will light the way.

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