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We recognize that each individual and organization has their own unique security needs and requirements. We take the time to listen, evaluate and assess each individual's requests and then use the information obtained to formulate a plan that is best suited to "your" particular needs and circumstances, which will directly address and alleviate you security concerns. Your comfort and sense of well-being is paramount to our operation. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Risk / Threat assessments, and formulated solution management

  • Advanced Logistics evaluations

  • Executive Protection / Executive Travel Coordination & Protection

  • Canine Explosive Detection (Bomb Dogs)

Special Event Security -  we will work with you to evaluate the specific needs of your event and determine the best security and overall operational plan. We will coordinate all aspects of your security and provide the specific personnel necessary for any / all types of events, nationwide. Once we are involved, you can rest assured that all details will be handled in a professional and thorough manner.

Our staff is comprised of former law enforcement personnel and protection experts, experienced in personal protection and all facets and levels of event security. In order to provide maximum security, when necessary, we can deploy our  Bomb Squad Detectives, equipped with Explosive Detection Canine (EDC -  bomb sniffing dogs), trained in the detection of all types of explosives.

Our current and former list of clients includes, diplomats, politicians, high level corporate executives, in addition to a wide array of celebrities.  New York Private Detective Services has extensive experience in event security, and have provided security for public relations firms, motion picture and television production companies, charitable organizations, event planners, recording artists, fashion designers and religious organizations.

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